Open Discussion: Excuse our Absence & Project Ideas

You might have noticed things have slowed back down here on TPC.  Unfortunately, the site has fallen victim to the rigors of packing and prepping for a move across town for myself.  This means my things are all in boxes and cases waiting for the commute to a new home. 

With this break comes my hopes for a new influx of content for TPC once I'm settled back in and ready to rock again with wargaming.  The big project in mind being a new terrain set and table.  Smaller projects being the finishing of my Warriors of Chaos cavalry army and possibly the completion of my AoBR orks and other assorted models.  The most intriguing of these projects being the table and WoC force for me.  There is always the chance of the random one off model finding its way to my table of course! 

So with an eye to the future, I'd love to hear what others are planning to work on in the near future.  What sort of grand projects do you have in mind?  Anyone building a new army?  Any exciting campaigns?  Got a big tournament your building up for?

Let your ideas flow, and throw some feedback to other ideas.  Discussing and evolving ideas makes for a fertile creative playground!