My Direction.

Recently I've been corresponding with some people on a few different forums as to the direction my painting has been taking as of late. Some are impressed with the amount of improvement I've made in such a short time. While others want to see more personalization in the work I do. Some of the comments being that there just isn't enough of 'me' in what I've been producing lately. While it may be technically sound, it lacks a certain personal flair and style. And honestly, I tend to agree with these sentiments.

For my latest projects, I've really just been all about pushing my abilities to their limits and learning new techniques. Figuring out how to paint things that I've never tried before. In doing this I've let more of 'myself' fall to the wayside while I pushed that envelope ever further. And all in all, it's really paid off in my eyes. With every piece I've learned something new, developed a specific technique and done things differently from the ways I've done them in the past.

With all of this learning and technical development, I need to put myself more fully into my projects in the future. My skaven warband have been 100% about technique and less about style. I'll continue to push them in this way as I don't want to change up a project half way through. But those who follow what I do and enjoy seeing me progress, my next big project, of which I have no idea what it will be, will be 100% about style and substance. I'd expect it to be something small scale akin to the skaven project though.

As for those wonderful skaven, I've gotten some more completed, and even gotten some games under my belt. For some thoughts on the gaming aspects, head over here on Dakka and read away!

Night Runners
Skaven Night Runners

Skaven Warband
Skaven Warband