20"x16"Acrylic on Canvas

Some of you might remember the last space marine painting that I posted a while back.  This painting was started soon after finishing that first piece and was to be in the same vein.  The background went in quickly enough, but with life getting in the way, I couldn't find the time to settle in and work in the marine. 

With a long break through winter, I was able to get back to the easel and broke out the paints again and in a single sitting, I finished the painting off, all while preparing a dinner! 

I'm really quite happy with this piece and feel it as a natural evolution from the first marine.  Future iterations would see much this same sort of evolution and a push toward more dynamic compositions. 

If you're interested in seeing more of my work outside of the hobby, feel free to browse my art website/blog here.  Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy my work!


Reinforcements: Shadowseer

After warming up the old painting hands with some space marines, I felt this model come together a little more naturally.  The model is a commission for a friend of mine and is actually a gift for another friend who has just recently gotten into wargaming.  Mutual friends from countless hours of MMO's and FPS's, I have 'known' this friend for some years now and hung out on more than a handful of occasions.  Having a personal relationship with people who will end up owning models I work on makes it a little more special when I do a commission.  While I'm sure every person that commissions me to do a piece appreciates what I do, you get to really know that appreciation more-so when you get to see those models in play against you!


Reinforcements: Falcon Guard

In an effort to get my painting hands back before I dive into a slightly more involved commission project, I thought I might start out with some simple tactical marines.  The other reason for this squad is that I wasn't aware that my friend and I were going to be swapping gifts and when he told me my gift was being worked on, I had an instant flash of what I should do for a return gift!