Friday Quick Tip: Easy Deck Plating


Coming back to the hobby after what feels like a solid decade away was daunting. I just wanted to jump back in and get going. I had a plan of what I'd start with and it would change every couple of days. I eventually got stuck in with a Raven Guard Intercessor Kill Team that I would expand into boarding actions as a full fledged 40k army. In selecting that, I also needed to sort out just how I would build out the bases. I'd done a rusty space hulk basing before and wanted something that would simplify that down a little further. A little plasticard and some glue later, I think I've come across a basing style that is as simple as it is effective. 


On The Table: Raven Guard


After finishing the initial set for my Intercessor Kill Team, I decided to start in on the rest of the force and get the other kill teams/options worked up as well as the add ins for my 40k Boarding Action army!

Little did I know just how long that bit would take.


Reinforcements: Raven Guard Assault Intercessor


Raven Guard Assault Intercessor Marine

It's been a long time since I was painting models, playing games, and looking deep into the internet for the best techniques for painting and modeling my figures. But here we are. Nearly a decade later I'm right back into the thick of the miniature wargaming hobby.

To start things off I've jumped back in with battle damaged space marines of course.


Maelstrom's Edge

Over the last couple of years, hobby time has been at a premium, and what time I've had has been dedicated to a project that I can say I'm very excited to announce here!  (Albeit a little late in doing so!)


Reinforcements: Farseer and Warlock Jetbikes

After a lot of work and probably one too many breaks, I've finally finished this set of conversions!  I've learned a lot along the way for conversion work.  This is also probably the most converting I've done in a while/ever.