Reinforcements: Proetus 'The Three Headed'

With classes concluding just over a week ago, I've finally found time again to sit back down to the hobby table and get back to work on some things.  First up on that list is my Lysander Count-As, Captain Proetus.  The model was so far along that it was killing me to let him sit unfinished on my shelf as I had to work on various school projects for hours on end!  To get back to him and finally get the detail work completed was a great way to get right back into the thick of things.

The shield was of particular concern as I was worried the idea in my head wouldn't transfer to the miniature.  Thankfully, after some concept work in both Photoshop, and with pencil and paper, I was able to simplify the idea to make it work.  The cog detail went down first and the three headed snake or hydra was painted in.  I used Fortress Grey to lay out the snake lines first and then went in with Skull White to finish them off, which included adding the belly details without the guide of grey.  I cleaned the edges up a little here and there with black to make it look a touch crisper.

The razorwire on the base is courtesy of Secret Weapon Miniatures Brass Etched Razorwire.  It was super easy to work with and added a great touch of story to the model.  The razorewire was painted Vermin Brown then painted with a stipple of Blazing Orange.  

The model followed most of the same approach laid out by my Sons of Medusa terminators, and will be what I use for future additions to the force.

For those that might have missed the WIP:  WIP 1, WIP 2, WIP 3

As Captain Proetus takes his place at the fore of the Sons of Medusa, I am already looking into what my next project will be!  I'm always open to suggestions!  It's good to be back with something to show!


Review: Citadel Finecast Commander Dante

Citadel Finecast (in case you haven't already heard) is the latest line of models from Games Workshop.  Finecast is a line of highly detailed resin models that replaced many of GW's metal classics.  I stopped by my friendly, local game store yesterday to take a look at the selection and pick up a Commander Dante for comparison.


Campaign Ops: Gas Giants

With the development of my friend Pesmerga's campaign setting, I've taken to helping him with a few things here and there, namely creating and editing planets.  With that I've talked him into helping me create a new resource for those looking to create a new campaign setting for your sci-fi campaigns.  I'll be packaging and uploading the planets for everyone to use, edit, and work with.  As we continue to build new worlds, I'll be posting here with an update on what is available. 

The first release, in what I hope will become a much deeper pool of images, is a set of Gas Giants.  These big beasts make a great center-piece for moon based outposts and maybe even a small low orbit hideout for an insidious mastermind (given he has enough radiation shielding that is!). 

To pick up this set of planets, Click Here.  We're uploading them separately in both .JPG and .PSD, as well as within a .ZIP for those who want the whole set! 

I hope this helps project helps create a more dynamic setting for all of your battles!  Be sure to head over to Pesmerga's Malina Project and see them in action!


Roll Call: Heroes of Armageddon

I think today is a good time to direct everyone over to the Heroes of Armageddon project.  For those who haven't seen it yet, it's a charity drive being put together by many of the same members that ran the Storm Wardens charity last year, only this time it's even bigger and crazier!

The charity has been open for a few weeks now, and there are prizes given out near every week, all you have to do is pony up a few bucks for a good cause and you have a chance at winning something really cool from a really good group of guys!  So take that soda money for the week, save a few calories by drinking some water, and give up a couple of bucks to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. 

All money is going to Doctors Without Borders, and you have a chance to win one of four armies being assembled and painted!  To find out more, read this post by the team.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go do the right thing!


Field Report: Seven DreadKnight Conversions

Necron Pharaoh by Caleb Dillon
While many argue that the DreadKnight doesn't fit the existing aesthetic of the Grey Knights or other Imperial power armored forces, it certainly is great conversion fodder.  Spikey Bits just completed a DreadKnight conversion contest and the posted pics are seven great things you can do with a DreadKnight besides make a DreadKnight.  (Disclaimer: I entered the contest.)

What other DreadKnight conversions have you seen or done?


Friday Quick Tip: Full Water Bases

One suggestion for my Fire Hawk army was a deep blue color to contrast the predominance of yellow and orange.  Immediately I thought of water basing.  I've wanted to experiment with clear casting resin for a while and I finally broke down decided now was the time to give it a try.


Contest: Secret Weapon Miniatures

We like to support those who support us here on TPC.  To that end, we want to refer the community to the two Contests MisterJustin is running right now.  If you've got a funny quip or are in the mood for some modeling and painting, head over and check them out!  Be sure you check out what the shop has to offer as well!  Love me some brass etch razorwire and pigments!

I love to work with smaller companies stuff whenever possible and the guys who run them are on the whole a great bunch with a lot of passion for making the things people want and need.  Support them!  


Showcase: Ultramarine Characters

With my time at a premium, I thought I would do a little look back models I've done for other armies.  Today I'm sharing a set of Ultramarines that I've worked on for a good friend of mine, Pesmerga.  He quasi-commissioned these pieces as a way to add highly detailed centerpiece models to his army and I took them on as a way to both fund my own projects and break the monotony of what I had been working on at the time he sent them my way.