Hi an introduction

Hi, my name is Thomas or GoatboyBBMA from around the forums and on Bell of Lost Souls. I've come on to help with some painting articles for good ole Grey_Death. While Grey's painting is awesome, in a lot of ways it can be hard for a newcomer to try and create the same effects, let alone in a time frame that is reasonable to create a table top army. This is where I come in by showing you how to paint in an quick and effective manner to ensure that you have a nice looking army on the table top.

Here are some examples of my painting style. You could call it a quick and dirty style that relies on choosing the right colors and understanding how each color can create easy highlights that can create a striking model. But enough of that, onto some models.

Look for articles that will go for creating a full unit from beginning to end. Stuff like a large mob of orks, a tactical squad, Dire Avengers with a Wave Serpent, etc. I am hoping to get started on some work once the Las Vegas GT and first round of Ard Boyz passes through. My first mission is to show a 30 mob of orks from beginning to end including basing the punks.


Times be changin!

And women be shoppin!

Recently I've come to the conclusion that this site/blog really isn't living up to what it is supposed to be, and that's a source of great modeling articles from the smallest painting tip, to the most in depth 'masterclass' piece.

As a result, I have felt a bit overwhelmed with everything that I want to accomplish with it. And because of that, I've decided it's time to bring on a few more authors to help really push the envelope in terms of style and ability. In order to bring the community the info I feel it deserves and make the site a more 'one stop shop', we'll be branching out to more authors/modelers in an effort to expand our horizons!

Expect announcements and new articles to start popping up more often as this plan moves forward!


Dakka Painting Challenge

As some of you know, I run the Painting Challenges over on DakkaDakka.com. I've been putting them together every few months to give Dakka members a chance to test their mettle against one another and see who's paint-fu is stronger!

Last month, I charged the community with the task of searching through their collections and pulling out some of the more 'Old School' models they own and get to painting them finally! Click here for a rundown of the rules. And I have to say, they did so with vigor! Some of the models folks scrounged from their collections I haven't seen in a very long time, or I haven't EVER seen before!

As of this morning the polls opened up and the voting has started heavy! Head on over and check out all of the great submissions. While you're there, be sure you cast your vote on all of your favorite models (you can vote for more than one!)!

Here's to more successful Challenges!