Army Surplus: NOVA 2013 Charity Raffle

As part of their annual charity push, NOVA Open has a three raffles going on that anyone can participate in! 

Raffle tickets are a dollar each to a minimum of 10, please help support these worthy charities while getting a chance at winning one of these beautifully painted armies! You do not need to attend the NOVA at all to participate, and 0% of the funds go toward the event and all moneys go to the intended charities. 


I love to see stuff like this from the community and hope that you'll support this noble nerdy cause!  It's this sort of thing that makes me proud to be a geek :)


Unboxed: Plastic Farseer

For my upcoming commission project, my friend wants to do a Farseer and Warlock biker set.  To do that, we decided upon the new plastic Farseer kit from GW!  So, to show off the new kit, I've done a short unboxing.  Hope this helps those of you who have been looking at the kit to see just what you can use it for!

I'm actually quite impressed with the level of engineering that goes into something like this.  There are so many cuts and parts for a single model.  It's nice to see them pushing the envelope with single dynamic pose characters like this.  It reminds me of the first time I unboxed Space Hulk.  

With this reverse view you can start to understand where things are fitting together and just how nice this kit will be moving forward for conversions. 

I can't wait to get cutting with these guys and hope to have progress on the jetbike 'Seers and 'Locks soon!


Reinforcements: Falcon Guard Dante

Falcon Guard Count-As Dante

As a birthday gift to a good friend of mine, I started this model a while back.  Things of course didn't work to plan and I got side tracked for a good 9 months or so with school.  Well, classes are out now (only one more course to go!) and I am trying to get my legs back in the hobby.  It's been a while and most of this model was already finished it just needed some touch up and additional detailing.  Thankfully it wasn't a huge project to finish this guy up and it helped me gain a little of that fine brush control that I let go when I work on canvas paintings.  

It's just nice to be back :)


Unboxed: Los Bandidos Mexicanos

A few months back, Blackwater Gulch ran a kickstarter that I decided to get behind.  I had met Necros briefly at a past Dakkacon get together in Philadelphia once and I was taken by the idea of a warband game with the flair of the old west.   In the end, I just opted for a single gang in the form of the Los Bandidos Mexicanos.  I figured they would be a fun little project sometime down the line to break of the monotony of all of that space marine armor I seem to find myself painting. 

Now that I've got my set, I figured I would share the un-boxing here.  Lots of images after the cut!