Army Surplus: NOVA 2013 Charity Raffle

As part of their annual charity push, NOVA Open has a three raffles going on that anyone can participate in! 


Unboxed: Plastic Farseer

For my upcoming commission project, my friend wants to do a Farseer and Warlock biker set.  To do that, we decided upon the new plastic Farseer kit from GW!  So, to show off the new kit, I've done a short unboxing.  Hope this helps those of you who have been looking at the kit to see just what you can use it for!


Reinforcements: Falcon Guard Dante

Falcon Guard Count-As Dante

As a birthday gift to a good friend of mine, I started this model a while back.  Things of course didn't work to plan and I got side tracked for a good 9 months or so with school.  Well, classes are out now (only one more course to go!) and I am trying to get my legs back in the hobby.  It's been a while and most of this model was already finished it just needed some touch up and additional detailing.  Thankfully it wasn't a huge project to finish this guy up and it helped me gain a little of that fine brush control that I let go when I work on canvas paintings.  

It's just nice to be back :)


Unboxed: Los Bandidos Mexicanos

A few months back, Blackwater Gulch ran a kickstarter that I decided to get behind.  I had met Necros briefly at a past Dakkacon get together in Philadelphia once and I was taken by the idea of a warband game with the flair of the old west.   In the end, I just opted for a single gang in the form of the Los Bandidos Mexicanos.  I figured they would be a fun little project sometime down the line to break of the monotony of all of that space marine armor I seem to find myself painting. 

Now that I've got my set, I figured I would share the un-boxing here.  Lots of images after the cut!