Unboxed: Plastic Farseer

For my upcoming commission project, my friend wants to do a Farseer and Warlock biker set.  To do that, we decided upon the new plastic Farseer kit from GW!  So, to show off the new kit, I've done a short unboxing.  Hope this helps those of you who have been looking at the kit to see just what you can use it for!

I'm actually quite impressed with the level of engineering that goes into something like this.  There are so many cuts and parts for a single model.  It's nice to see them pushing the envelope with single dynamic pose characters like this.  It reminds me of the first time I unboxed Space Hulk.  

With this reverse view you can start to understand where things are fitting together and just how nice this kit will be moving forward for conversions. 

I can't wait to get cutting with these guys and hope to have progress on the jetbike 'Seers and 'Locks soon!