Painting Tips

Painting Articles
Airbrush:  Introduction (Video) 
Airbrush:  Even Base Color (Video)
Airbrush:  Zenithal Highlighting
Color : White On a Black Base Color
Colour Shaper:  Shaper Glow
Lining: Gouache Lining Armor
Lining: Mastering Your Lines
Metallics:  Base Colors
Model Step by Step: Angels Vermillion Space Marines (Video)
Model Step by Step:  Crimson Fists Space Marines (Video)
Model Step by Step: Flesh Tearers Space Marines 
Model Step by Step: Ork Nobs I
Model Step by Step: Orks Nobs II 
Model Step by Step: Salamanders Space Marines (Video)
Step by Step: Bones
Step by Step: Headlights
Step by Step: Leopard Spots and Scales
Step by Step: Nebulas
Step by Step: Ork Skin (Video)
Step by Step: Painted Horses
Skin: Faces and Stubble (Video)
Skin: Variety
Washes: Basics
Washes: Painting Gold with Sepia Wash
Washes: Metallic Variations
Wet Blending Introduction
Wet Blending Oils and Acrylics

Battle Damage: Sponge Painting
Battle Damage: Sponge Painting (Video)
Battle Damage: Black Damage Colors 
Gouache Weathering
Liquid Mask Weathering
Liquid Masked Tank Whitewash
Oils: Intro to Oil Paint Weathering 
Pencil Weathering 
Pigments: Basing with Pigments
Salt & Hairspray Weathering
Tabletop Tank Tracks
Wash Grime Streaks
Weathering Armor
Weathering Resources 
Weathering: Rust in Two Colors 
Weathering Tanks
Weathering Washes

Misc Painting Articles
Brushes by Les (Video)
Brush Care: Masters Brush Cleaner
Brush Care: Variety of Tips
Brushes Review:  Rosemary & Co. 
Color Wheel:  Creating Color Schemes
Freehand: Assorted Tips
Freehand: Simple and Dirty
Lighting:  OTT-Lite Bulbs
Painting: Notebook
Model Holder 
Paper Palettes 
Portable Paint Set
Priming: Using Gesso
Priming: Perfecting your Technique
Priming: Using Colorplace
Published Resources
Speed Painting: Large Units
Speed Painting: An Army in 30 Days 
Wet Palette: Making Your Own
Wet Palette: DIY Improved  
Wet Palette: Use