Friday Quick Tip: Gundam Nippers


As some of you may have noticed, I've been slowly working my way back into the hobby pretty heavily. From consuming as much about the lore as I can, to learning the new fun stuff in the rules, to getting my mitts on the new hot models, it's been a wild ride to be back and active again.

One of the very first things I snagged was a new set of clippers. And let's just say, the clipper game has changed since I was grabbing my first set of GW clippers. One of those big changes was the overlap with the Gundam world. Gundam nippers are a different breed, and with good reason. The hobby over there needs precise and clean right away off the sprue for a lot of people and the better the 'nippers' the better the nip (?).

Doing a bit of online searching and I found these red handled beauties: the P.I.T.4.5 INCH Model Nipper. They're right in that sweet spot of good, reliable, and affordable. 

I picked them up a year and a half ago and I have to say I'm super happy with them. As long as they make these little dudes will likely continue using them. They've seen me through Indomitus, Leviathan, and a number of boxes of models I'd rather not put into writing and still going strong. I highly suggest these as a go to for anyone in the market for a new pair.

You can find them here on Amazon.

If you have a favorite hobby tool you think everyone should be using, drop the link in the comments so we can check it out! It might end up featured here as well!