Open Discussion: New Tools/Tricks

With my Beastman model, I've been using a lot of new ideas and tools.  Stepping out of an army paint or squad paint project, I've opened myself up to new techniques and ways of working that I wouldn't have felt comfortable doing on a larger project!

With the Beastmen Champion, I've used green stuff to help model the base on a wood block that was chopped down with a dremel, paid more attention to lighting with the paint than I ever have before on a model, used small flowers found at the craft shop to flourish the base even more, and I'm continuing my use of dry pigments that I'm still learning the ins and outs of!  I've even brought a lot of the color thought process I use during regular canvas painting to the table for this model!  The best part is that I've used all of these new techniques and I'm not even done!

I thought it might make for good conversation to hear what some of you might be trying out for the first time on your latest modeling and painting projects!  It also might help you get some additional advice on the best way to use it.

So let's hear it!  What are you using right now that is still new to you?


On The Table: Beastman WIP

It's not much of an update for him, but I think it's appropriate considering the direction I've decided to take.  Don't pay much attention to anything but the base and the skin right now.  Everything else is just blocking out color to get an idea.  But the skin and the base are two major breaks from the norm for me. 

With the base I've gone with a much more elaborate set up and far more dramatic coloring than I've ever used in the past.  I've yet some more work to do still though, mainly in the variation in the vegetation that will be achieved with some paint washes.  There will also be some additional flora added to drive home the look I am going for. 

The skin is within keeping of the hues established with the basing.  I'm also making a concerted effort to keep away from black for shading, using various colors to add depth to the model.  In the case of the skin, I'm going with a very deep blue with some red mixed in for a dark violet that will contrast nicely.  In the finished model this will end up looking much darker along side of everything else, but right now it still feels very blue.  If that's the case later, I'll add a little brown to the depths to punch the contrast up even more.   All of this with an eye toward the lighting I've predetermined earlier in the paint!

It's going to be a long project I think.  Hopefully you all don't mind coming along for the ride!


Friday Quick Tip: Using the Wet Palette

When I posted the wet palette Friday Quick Tip, the number one follow up comment/email was, "Great! Now what?"

As part of the Masterclass, here's a little quick tip direct from Mathiue Fontaine on how to make use of the wet palette and get your model started off with a nice, even base coat.

Some of the key tips: don't thin all of your paint at once, don't get paint up into the ferrule (metal part) and use the side of the brush for base coating.

More from Mathieu and his painting Masterclasses at his site: http://www.akaranseth.com.

Are you using a wet palette? Any good tips for wet palette beginners out there?


On The Table: Beastmen Champion

After Gamesday I knew I'd have some new inspiration to work with.  So I decided to start a new project, one specifically for painting contests this time instead of doing double purposed gaming/high quality paint.  I hit up the hobby store, bought two blocks of wood and got to work on one with the dremel.  Added some green stuff and started pressing broken up rocks I found outside into it and molding the greenstuff down with my shapers and sculpting tools. 

The model was cleaned up for the pin, I've decided to just sacrifice a pin vice bit and drilled as far down into the block as I could while still keeping enough for the models foot, flipped the bit around and slid the smooth end into the models foot with a bit of super glue for it to adhere with.  Sliding the other end into the pin vice again, it makes a great hand hold that will be fantastic for painting. 

I primed the model with grey and gave it a quick source lighting with white spray paint.  The base is still drying but I'm already really happy with it. 

Lots to come for this one. Stay tuned.


Obligitory Gamesday 2010 Post

For the past few weeks, you might have seen the rut I've been in hobby-wise manifest itself as a lack of updates here on TPC.  I hated that I just didn't have anything to really share with you all, and every day I came back to the site hoping that I would have some spark of inspiration.  It didn't happen though, and along with other complications and schedule issues, I haven't put a brush to model in a few weeks now.  That's not to say I've gone completely silent creatively, but my will to model and paint miniatures has waned and I was desperately in need of a hobby wake up call.  When I looked at the date  last Monday, I realized that Gamesday was finally upon me, and that I might just find that all important jolt of hobby life we all need from time to time.

I went to bed at 2am, I've been staying up late through nights along with my wife's schedule, but went to bed 'early' in the hope that I would have plenty of energy from a short sleep and had fully intended to wake up at around 0630-0700 that morning for an early morning trek to Baltimore where I would try and meet up with a few folks prior to the event.  0630 came and went and I found myself waking from a dream state at 0930 and cursing soon followed.  The roads were thankfully sparse with traffic and I was able to get into town just around 1030 and find parking near by the convention center, for the low price of $25 for the day, I grabbed my gear and headed in.

I completely expected to be wholly overwhelmed by the event, and I was not disappointed.  I stood in line for a short time until a lady came along handing out the lanyards to those who already had their names on the tickets.  When I entered the hall I was nearly taken out by a few staffers yelling as they ran by with a long tape measure before yelling 'BOOM!' once they stopped.  The round had apparently hit its mark and I again almost lost my feet as they started to move the tape as I went to cross it!

The hall was jam packed with tables, people, models and terrain.  As it was my first time out to Gamesday, I hadn't the slightest clue where to start, so I began to wander, losing myself to spectacle of it all.  Then over the loudspeaker the announcement came that there was a mere 15 minutes left before the Golden Demon registration would close!  I had to get to the room two floors above and I didn't have a clue where it was!  Heading upstairs I took a look around and eventually found the room where I was able to get my models entered without issue.  It was slightly disheartening that I knew I had nothing painted specifically for the competition, but pulled from my collection the night prior and decided to enter my Skaven Warband, a Grey Death Marine Squad, and Venerable Dreadnought Perseus from my Sons of Medusa.  Looking through the competition I knew I didn't quite have the strongest chance, but I wasn't shooting for a win, just a chance to enter a contest that I have wanted to since I first started this hobby so many years ago!

Making my way back down to the main hall, more wandering ensued.  I had hoped to meet up with various online acquaintances but bad planning on all fronts left me with only a single number to get in contact with one of them so I shot my friend Alex 'Empchild' a text and waited for a reply.  Eventually getting back to me I met up with him in the Demon room where we talked shop for a while and he introduced me to various other online entities I've known of/talked with including but not limited to Dave Taylor, Mathieu Fontaine and Jeff Lybbert.  It was a real pleasure to meet everyone and finally put faces to the online personalities.  In a chance encounter I noticed another Storm Wardens shirt wearing individual lounging in the area and struck up a conversation to find out the it was Mr. From the Warp himself, Ron Saikowski.

With every new face, more great conversation followed.  Hanging out with some online buddies I'd met for the first time from Massachusetts, Empchild being one of the four, I was in the company of instant friends, with common ground in our fantastic hobby, but quickly finding more to talk about within minutes.

One new face in particular was a welcome sight.  Sitting with a small unassuming folder full of artwork and a small contingent of traffic around his table was John Blanche.  I've always been a fan of his work and took the chance to chat him up.  We talked at length about various art related ideas and understandings.  It's always wonderful to talk with a successful person in a field I would love to find myself working in once I've finished my degree.  He was incredibly nice, and was more than willing to share his thoughts on artwork and his approach to it.  It was an honor to meet him and I thanked him for his time and shook his hand.

I had no plans to buy anything.  But plans go out the window quickly in the midst such a frenzy!  Finding my way into the on site store, I wandered along the books.  Seeing they had 'The Horus Heresy: Collected Visions', I knew I was about to spend more money.  I snatched a copy and picked up my Gamesday mini before heading for the line.  While there I met another purple heart veteran who I was able to pick out from his frankly amazing prosthetic (above the knee with a functional joint!) and a purple heart patch on his wheelchair.  I stepped over to talk with him shortly, trade quick war zone info and just generally say hi to another brother veteran.

Eventually, I was able to get through what seemed like a far longer line than it was and the new book and mini was mine!  The book is chock full of Blanche artwork and since he was so accessible, I strolled back to his table asking him to sign the book as a memento of my meeting him.  He was more than happy to and proceeded to John Hancock the first blank page in the book commenting that he had plenty of space to work with.  Another quick hand shake and thanks and I was off to explore more.

Thankfully, there was a bag check area that I wasn't aware would be available.  I handed over my new wares and my Battlefoam case and put my ticket in my lanyard along with my ticket and Golden Demon tickets, and went back to wandering.

If you've never been to Gamesday, it's hard to explain just how overwhelming it is.  I couldn't settle in more than a few minutes at any one area and likely did a few miles of roaming while I looked for a few more familiar faces or trying to find the few I'd already met again.  I would continue to make my way up to the Demon area throughout the day and talk, with spatters of hall roaming with Empchild and some of the others from his group.

Eventually I was suckered into helping paint the Realm of Battle community board that was to be raffled off, and found my way to the terrain build and take table as well.  I was also able to get in on a giveaway frenzy that happened near the terrain build area and walked away with an Eldar Bonesinger.  Next time around I'll likely try and do more in the way of events, tables, and other activities, but this being my first time out, I was happy to just be in the event!

Up in the Demon room, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my entries made first cut and gave the other entries that made the cut a look as well.  I knew I didn't have much chance to win a Demon, but making the cut was a win for me, considering I hadn't specifically painted any of them for the competition!

The Demon winners were displayed around mid afternoon and congratulations and adoration made it's way through the people crowding around the winners case.  My friend Empchild picked up his first Demon, which he had been working on getting for some time.  It was a really special experience to be around people winning for the first time.  The awarding of the statues was humbling, though I'm sure my choice of company during the ceremony had something to do with it, I'm quite sure I was the only one in my small group without a statue in hand!  Next year!

With an event like Gamesday, it's hard to not go into it with some expectations on your experience.  In nearly every case, the day was a success.  I had a fantastic time, more thanks to the excuse to get out and meet people than the activities themselves.  I'm a very social person when it comes to the hobby, and without that interaction (online or in person) it has hardly half the draw.  After the Chicago announcement was made, this social networking day was still ongoing as my new group of friends from Massachusetts  and I headed to the inner harbor for some much needed nourishment and a beer to unwind.

The night drew on quickly and I made my way home.  My dogs were extremely excited to see me when I opened the door and I realized just how sore I was after all of that walking and standing.  After a quick walk outside with the pups, I settled into a chair and didn't move for a few hours.  The day complete, muscles sore, mind exhausted, I ended the night relaxing at the helm of various hobby websites, my enthusiasm for wargaming renewed.

If you're looking for photos of the Golden Demon entries, you really need to check out The Stuff of Legends for photos of all of the winners and a good chunk of honorable mentions, to include my own models!  If we didn't meet this time around, be sure to stay tuned for future events myself or Realgenius will be attending! 


Friday Quick Tip: Brushes by Les

A lot of folks have a ton of questions when it comes to the tools of the trade. Les is doing a series of videos that should help queue people in a little more to help you along in your quest for better results from your painting sessions. First up, brushes.

Still have questions? Leave a comment! If you've got ideas for future videos, leave them in the comments section as well! All of us here at TPC are trying to ramp things back up after our short break!


Masterclass Austin: Wow!

Masterclass Austin has come and gone and it was as awesome as I expected.  In case you missed my previous post on the class, multiple Golden Daemon-winner Mathieu Fontaine came down to Austin (we bribed him with BBQ) to give us Texas folks a little schooling on the finer points of miniature painting.


Contest: Spikey Bits Giveaway

Spikey Bits is having another giveaway tied to their followers!  Head over and check out the announcement for full details!  The drawing is being held August 25th, so you've got plenty of time to opt in!  I've also added this contest to the Contest Calendar!

Got a contest?  Maybe just a giveaway?  Need some exposure for it?  Send us a link at ThePaintingCorps@gmail.com and we'll do what we can to help!


On The Table: Lord on Juggernaut

Recently Grey_Death showed off progress on his Khorne Lord on a Juggernaut and here's my slightly different take.  I'm using him as a Thunderwolf mount for my Wolf Lord in my Marines Exemplar (using Space Wolves Codex).

I did extensive filing work on the head, especially on the snout, to make him a little more wolf-looking.  The Juggernaut has a really flat heat, with eyes on the side, so I wanted to round it off and try to give the eyes a more forward presence.  The ears and wolf tail talisman on the tail of the Jugger are just a little whimsy.

Working on anything cool lately?  Tired of seeing Juggernauts as Thunderwolves?  Leave a comment!