On The Table: Beastmen Champion

After Gamesday I knew I'd have some new inspiration to work with.  So I decided to start a new project, one specifically for painting contests this time instead of doing double purposed gaming/high quality paint.  I hit up the hobby store, bought two blocks of wood and got to work on one with the dremel.  Added some green stuff and started pressing broken up rocks I found outside into it and molding the greenstuff down with my shapers and sculpting tools. 

The model was cleaned up for the pin, I've decided to just sacrifice a pin vice bit and drilled as far down into the block as I could while still keeping enough for the models foot, flipped the bit around and slid the smooth end into the models foot with a bit of super glue for it to adhere with.  Sliding the other end into the pin vice again, it makes a great hand hold that will be fantastic for painting. 

I primed the model with grey and gave it a quick source lighting with white spray paint.  The base is still drying but I'm already really happy with it. 

Lots to come for this one. Stay tuned.