Dakka Painting Challenge

As some of you know, I run the Painting Challenges over on DakkaDakka.com. I've been putting them together every few months to give Dakka members a chance to test their mettle against one another and see who's paint-fu is stronger!

Last month, I charged the community with the task of searching through their collections and pulling out some of the more 'Old School' models they own and get to painting them finally! Click here for a rundown of the rules. And I have to say, they did so with vigor! Some of the models folks scrounged from their collections I haven't seen in a very long time, or I haven't EVER seen before!

As of this morning the polls opened up and the voting has started heavy! Head on over and check out all of the great submissions. While you're there, be sure you cast your vote on all of your favorite models (you can vote for more than one!)!

Here's to more successful Challenges!

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  1. I didn't know you ran the challenges over there... I'm only a lurker in those parts of the woods.