Reinforcements: Proetus 'The Three Headed'

With classes concluding just over a week ago, I've finally found time again to sit back down to the hobby table and get back to work on some things.  First up on that list is my Lysander Count-As, Captain Proetus.  The model was so far along that it was killing me to let him sit unfinished on my shelf as I had to work on various school projects for hours on end!  To get back to him and finally get the detail work completed was a great way to get right back into the thick of things.

The shield was of particular concern as I was worried the idea in my head wouldn't transfer to the miniature.  Thankfully, after some concept work in both Photoshop, and with pencil and paper, I was able to simplify the idea to make it work.  The cog detail went down first and the three headed snake or hydra was painted in.  I used Fortress Grey to lay out the snake lines first and then went in with Skull White to finish them off, which included adding the belly details without the guide of grey.  I cleaned the edges up a little here and there with black to make it look a touch crisper.

The razorwire on the base is courtesy of Secret Weapon Miniatures Brass Etched Razorwire.  It was super easy to work with and added a great touch of story to the model.  The razorewire was painted Vermin Brown then painted with a stipple of Blazing Orange.  

The model followed most of the same approach laid out by my Sons of Medusa terminators, and will be what I use for future additions to the force.

For those that might have missed the WIP:  WIP 1, WIP 2, WIP 3

As Captain Proetus takes his place at the fore of the Sons of Medusa, I am already looking into what my next project will be!  I'm always open to suggestions!  It's good to be back with something to show!