Campaign Ops: Gas Giants

With the development of my friend Pesmerga's campaign setting, I've taken to helping him with a few things here and there, namely creating and editing planets.  With that I've talked him into helping me create a new resource for those looking to create a new campaign setting for your sci-fi campaigns.  I'll be packaging and uploading the planets for everyone to use, edit, and work with.  As we continue to build new worlds, I'll be posting here with an update on what is available. 

The first release, in what I hope will become a much deeper pool of images, is a set of Gas Giants.  These big beasts make a great center-piece for moon based outposts and maybe even a small low orbit hideout for an insidious mastermind (given he has enough radiation shielding that is!). 

To pick up this set of planets, Click Here.  We're uploading them separately in both .JPG and .PSD, as well as within a .ZIP for those who want the whole set! 

I hope this helps project helps create a more dynamic setting for all of your battles!  Be sure to head over to Pesmerga's Malina Project and see them in action!