On The Table: Raven Guard


After finishing the initial set for my Intercessor Kill Team, I decided to start in on the rest of the force and get the other kill teams/options worked up as well as the add ins for my 40k Boarding Action army!

Little did I know just how long that bit would take.

It had been a while since I'd put together any multipart kits and really wasn't prepared for the way the new style kits go together. All the extra bits and parts made for a much longer process than expected.

The Intercessor squad was one thing, but the Phobos kill team: SWEET MOTHER OF GOD. All the options had me swamped on their own. That's when I saw the mold lines. On everything. In all the details. I love the way this kit looks but I really dread having to do another group of phobos armor in the future to expand this army.

I was also surprised at how many tactical rocks they used with the kit. When you're doing custom basing it means a lot of extra cutting, a lot of fiddling to get it right and natural and even more dry time for the plastic glue. Again, the results are worth it, but it's a slog of a kit.

Next up for this army is prime and batch painting! I'm excited to get back to painting them it's just a matter of when the weather will cooperate with me for priming!

What's on your table this week?