Reinforcements: Raven Guard Assault Intercessor


Raven Guard Assault Intercessor Marine

It's been a long time since I was painting models, playing games, and looking deep into the internet for the best techniques for painting and modeling my figures. But here we are. Nearly a decade later I'm right back into the thick of the miniature wargaming hobby.

To start things off I've jumped back in with battle damaged space marines of course.

I snagged the Indomitus boxed set when they did the made to order sets. It then sat, untouched for two years. Eventually I felt the itch again and my wife found out there was a hobby time at the local game shop. Kill Team looked fun, and a fresh chapter felt like a good move. Raven Guard won out eventually and off they went.

I found some great inspiration for them from Tale of Painters and the rest was a lot of relearning and shaking off the rust.

I've since finished the first round for this Kill Team and am creating wargear options as well as building out the next one, a phobos strike team, to fit a larger Boarding Actions army.

It's exciting to be back at it. And I look forward to sharing more as I go!

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