Friday Quick Tip: Magnetic Predator/Rhino

One of the great things about the STC is that, in hobby terms, there's not much difference between a Rhino, Predator, Razorback, Whirlwind or any of the other Rhino-based models. In fact, you should almost never buy a Rhino model because these other models all include the necessary parts to make a Rhino; plus whatever special add-ons come with the box you bought.

My box is a Predator, and as you can see it is just as easy to become a Rhino with a few well-placed magnets.

I do plan on painting the interior of the model, and the round magnet will have a painted door seam with my Chapter logo to help it blend in better.

If you are like me and use big magnets and have chunky fingers, you might have trouble getting your Rhino doors detached. Just use the sponson from that side to help pull it off. The magnet on the back of the sponsor will be closer than the magnet attached to the Rhino's interior making it an easy job.

Magnetizing the guns on the sponsons was a little more difficult. I wanted to avoid having to create any pieces and still wanted the tilt and pan of the weapon mount. So I decided to magnetize the interior of the gun halves. They go together surpisingly well, although I might need a small pair of magnets at the tip of the lascannon barrels.

What vehicles have you magnetized? And is there an easier way to change out the Predator sponson guns?


  1. That must have taken some time to get right! :)

    It's hard enough magnetizing mooks. I will admit that I will probably try this when I build my tanks for the Scorpions.

  2. What a fantastic little tutorial - thanks!

    My first attempt at magnetising has given me the detachable grenade launchers on my wyvern conversion (post 080) - and I'm very happy with it, though I need to invest in some far smaller magnets...

    By the way, for your future refernce, you could refer to the 'traverse' and 'elevation' of weapons.

  3. I've got a rhino magnetized. Just got a predator so it's coming up soon. I made a post about it (http://gwpertinent.blogspot.com/2008/12/space-sharks-magnetized-rhino.html) where I listed the tutorial I followed which was quite good. It details how to magnetize the inside of the sponsons too. I put magnets in the top four corners to be able to add extra armour or accessories. I also cut some corners and just used paperclips on the rhino doors, etc. to stick to the magnets. I'll try to get some pics soon.

  4. @Admiral Drax: Duly noted!

    @natsirtm: The runwithscissors tutorial has some good tips.

    I forgot to mention I flattened two of the rivets inside when I placed the two magnets there so that it could be centered on the door. I think it looks better centered, but if you mounted it on the outside it could really be in any position. I don't think you need the extenders on the door magnets, since they should have plenty of stick even when separated (unless you are using really small magnets).

    But after doing some magnetizing I've found that things are the most durable when the plastic is inside the magnet sandwich-- there's no way that inner magnet is going to come off, since it is always being pulled into the door. Obviously you can't put the magnets on the outside of the outer doors.

    How durable is the weapon arm? I've never had much luck myself with magnets glued to plastic rods/arms in that manner.

  5. I am currently working on a magnetized predator as well. I'll be sharing some turret magnetizing thoughts later this coming week!

  6. Very nice Job! You have given me the imputus to magnetize my Eldar wave serpent, which I am in the process of building. The existing design of the top turret is difficult to turn towards your foe (there's nothing bettter than turning your tanks weapons towards your intended target), so I'm going to modify it to turn on magnets rather than for weapon switch out. Its way over my head for weapon switch out... I'll start small.

  7. I added the mag to the turret of my wave serpent today. Thanks for the inspiration again.

  8. Gaussboys makes an extremely small magnet that you might find helpful for the Lascannon barrel.
    It's small enough in diameter that I've been able to use them in my Space Marine Commander's wrist to swap out guns.

  9. I've got a lot of tiny magnets for doing arm swaps on my dainty Eldar.

    Thanks for the Gaussboys link. I'm always watching the clearance and surplus sections for sales on magnets at KJ; now I've got more chance of finding a good deal.