'Take Cover!' Painting Contest Results!

The contest is over, the entries have been submitted and the scores have been handed down. While we only received three entries, each was well planned and executed! The prizes they'll receive are well deserved. Thanks to the participants and again a big thank you to THQ for a great opportunity!

So enough jibber jabber! On with the results!

First Place: Jakub Kasperczyk

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Second Place: Mike Howell

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Third Place: Peter Yaskowski

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So let's hear it for them folks! A great first showing for our first painting contest!


  1. :) Thanks. It's my first painting contest ever. I hope next time there will be much more entries ;) I would love to see more great miniatures like Mikes and Peters ones.

  2. Woo! Now I can lose every game of 40k dressed in my army's logo! ;-)

    btw, what's a body warmer?

  3. Brilliant! And well done to each of the entrants: the pieces were a pleasure to behold!

    - Drax.

  4. Congrats on the win Akozz! I too hope to see more entries in future contests! But this being our very first, it's only expected that the entry level would be lower. The first Dakka Painting Challenge I ran only had 4 entries!

    Mike, I really don't know honestly! You'll have to let us all know when you get it!

  5. Any chance of a competition for averagely-painted, functionally-based plastic Cadians with the number '24' on their left shoulder pad?

    Pretty please?

  6. A body warmer is the UK name for a Jacket/Coat with no arms. Like Michael J Fox wears in Back to the Future, looks like a life preserve (life jacket).
    Good entries too, well done Akozz and other entries too.

  7. I can't believe there were only 3 entries! This was a great contest and those are some amazing models there. Well done everyone, these marines are so nicely modelled and painted - great stuff

  8. Man all those look really good... nice going guys!

    -come over to www.the25mmwarrior.blogspot.com and vote for what you want me to do next!-

  9. @Siph_Horridus

    We call them vests. As in insulated vest (body warmer?), life vest, fishing vest, etc.

  10. Man, it's nice to see the other two entries. Grats to Jakub and Mike.

    This was my first time painting outside my comfort zone, so with any luck, I'll get up to the level you guys are at eventually.