Friday Quick Tip: Model Builder Software

Today's tip is brought to us by LBursley and a great looking quick terrain making program. Check it out:

I think with a good eye, a sharp knife, and a bit of foamcore, you could come up with some really fantastic looking terrain piece with little effort. This would be great for building up a table with a good amount of terrain quickly.

Anyone have any experience working with 'paper' terrain? Any tips or tricks everyone should know?


  1. FYI for those watching the video but have no idea what Gatorboard is, it is a very high density and extremely durable foamcore board. I use gator board to construct figure cases and display boards to give you an idea of how durable it can be.

    As for tips and tricks, a good trick is that when you have to fold along a line that you "burnish" the line (on the interior of the fold) with a pointy stylus (like a toothpick) that you do not have to worry about cutting through the material you are trying to burnish.

    This burnish line helps not only in the folding of the paper, but allows a more professional finish to the fold.

  2. 3M spray glue/spray tack is your friend. Just a light spray on the back of your paper and a similar spray on the surface you're going to put it onto, then drop it on with a book or something to weight it down.

  3. I've also really found that a 45 degree foam core angle cutter really helps things go together smoothly. I got my at a local craft and hobby store for just a few bucks.

  4. #1 tip for all paper modeling whether using cardstock, or gluing to foamcore: Sharp blades! Once you start noticing any decrease in performance, you might as well switch blades. I've built many a paper model, and it's really not worth trying to get another sheet scored or cut when your blade is on the way out.