Video: Painting Fur

Took some video while I tested out some different fur colors the other day on my beastman. Gave it a quick edit to try my hand at some video editing. I'm still getting my legs with the program, but I suspect I'll have the hang of things soon enough and the videos will look all the better for it!

It's double speed with queues so it should be easy enough to follow. I went without sound for now, still working out how to edit music and voice in. So throw on some music and give it a watch!

Materials used:
Size 4 round watercolor synthetic brush
Vallejo Model Color and Games Workshop paints
Wet palette
Liquitex Flow Aid

There was a focus issue early on in the video, but I kept it because it shows the use of the palette well. Plus it's just washing!

Be sure to watch it at 480p! Let me know what works for you and what doesn't. I want to make these better with each video!