Tank Weathering Resources

I've been doing a lot of reading as of late into model tank weathering. My search has led me to many different methods and takes on the subject and I've landed squarely in the land of military modeling, where many wargamers fear to tread.

Over the years, I've done my share of weathering experimentation and even created my own tutorial for a very simplistic approach to the subject that many wargamers out there could emulate with what they already have available to them. But my increasing interest in the subject had me really searching for more effective ways to weather tanks and vehicles to the next level.

Today, I happened upon Exponent Wargaming, where I found a few really great links to some really great sites. Some I'd already seen before, others completely new. And it made me realize that the biggest problem people have figuring out this whole weathering thing, is finding a lot of information in one place. So I decided to put together a small cross section of the best, most informative step by step tutorials I could find.

FichtenFoo's T-74 Painting and Weathering
- A great all around from the start of the painting process to the finished weathering and a lot of things in between.

IPMSStockholm's AFV Weathering - An easy to follow step by step on Filters, Scratches, Paint Chipping, and Dusting.

Ultrawerke Painting And Weathering - A 4 part series of posts, quite possible the most in depth step by step on the subject I've seen out there.

I know I'll be pouring over all of these amazing resources for weeks and months to come. For those of you who might have some more links to some other sites, feel free to leave them in the comments section! I'm always down for more reading!

I hope more wargamers out there like myself will feel inspired to take their craft to the next level and really push the boundaries wargaming realism.


  1. Excellent find Sir.
    Top 5'ed for sure.

    Those Military guys take it seriously and the results are amazing.

  2. Awesome thanks, just weathering my Relictor Rhino's. Cheers for that.

  3. Wow, I just stumbled across this site and was amazed by the Marines you have painted. I was looking for a tutorial on how to add weathering effects to my own Marines and what you have done fits the bill.

    If it's not too much to ask, would it be possible to put up a tutorial on how you paint one of your marines, and especially of how you did the amazing power sword effects on your Veteran.

  4. Cheers guys!

    Ron, thanks for the Top 5, your site has definitely become a huge gateway for folks, and a good chunk of them seem to be finding their way here!

    siph, I hope these tutorials help you out, even if you only use a few of the MANY tips they give, your tanks will look so much better than if you hadn't bothered! Be sure to link back when you're done with it!

    Gunner, thanks for the praise, I do very little in the way of real weathering on my marines, just a bit of mud and dust and that's about it. And all of that is done the same way I weathered my predator, so check that out to get an idea of how I go about it. As for my power weapon effects, that's a bit of a more involved process...maybe SOMEDAY I'll get around to giving a really good tutorial for it, but it's a long ways off!

  5. Cheers, I'll have to try those weathering effects on my Marines! I was looking at your tutorial on how to paint white on black though and seeing that I'm currently in the midst of building a White Scars army, would you advice painting the entire body the way your tutorial suggested for the shoulder pad?

    My current experiment in painting white hasn't been too successful so far to say the least :(