Lava Rock Asteroids

Working with some of the inspiration from last week and my Nebula tip, I went to work on creating some additional space terrain for my Battlefleet Gothic battles. And what better place to start than Asteroids!

I thought a few times about trying to use regular foam, and even did a few quick tests with some pink foam and bead foam. Neither worked out for the speed I was looking for. And then working from the idea of using real rocks, I came up with the perfect starting point, Lava Rocks!

The transformation was as simple as a few coats of spray paint. Starting with black spray paint as a basecoat.

After the black spray was completely dried, I found some dark grey spray and heavily dusted them on all sides.

Again, letting the last coat completely dry, I broke out my white spray paint to finish off the job with a very light dusting. This last step was done by spraying from about twice the distance away from the rocks.

Don't mind the blueish hue from the rocks in the last photo, it's simply the reflected light from the natural light from the open garage door. Which brings up another point, always spray paint with good ventilation!

That's it! They're ready to play! I'm definitely planning to do a good chunk more of these, as well as a variety of other terrain to include planets. Now I just need a full fleet to use!


  1. Very good!! I think the blue-looking asteroids are not a problem since stars can have blue hues. Any asteroids orbiting blue stars would simply be reflecting the light that is emitted by such stars :)

  2. I thought much the same thing when I saw the last photo as well. But again, it's simply the light from the sky reflecting off them ^_^...

  3. I don't play Battlefleet Gothic, but using the lava rocks is a great idea. They look so realistic.