'TAKE COVER!' A DoW2 Painting Contest

Today we are forgoing our normally scheduled Quick Tip to bring you something a bit more exciting, our very first Painting Competition, sponsored with prize support by the fine folks over at THQ!

The contest is simple, model and paint a Blood Raven Space Marine using cover in battle! You will have one month from today to turn in both a WIP photo as well as a final contest entry photo of your mini. Once the month is up, we will gather up all entries and the winners will be selected by a panel of judges. Prizes will be handed out to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


First Place receives a T-shirt, Body Warmer, Dog Tag, Rucksack, and a Battlegear Keyring

Second Place receives a Tote Bag, T-shirt, Battlegear Pin, and a Cap

Third Place will recieve a Dog Tag and Bodywarmer

The Rules

  • Model and Paint a Blood Raven Space Marine using cover in combat.
  • Entries must be a SINGLE Games-Workshop Space Marine on a 40mm or smaller base. Models may be any type of marine but painted in the the chapter colors of the Blood Ravens Space Marine Chapter.
  • Take a photo of the model in progress to be sent along with your final entry.
  • Send all final entries to ThePaintingCorps@gmail.com with the heading 'Take Cover!', please include your name and address in the email.
  • All entries must be received by March 20th at 11:59pm Central Standard Time (GMT-6)
  • Entries will be displayed and voting by the judges will commence.
  • When all votes from the judges are in, the winners will be announced and prizes will be sent out!
So break out the bits box and start modeling those marines shooting from behind a ruins, sniping from the bushes, or leaping from a hiding spot to assault the enemy! The possibilities are only restricted by the depths of your imagination! And for some additional inspiration, check out the recently released Dawn of War 2!


  1. Only one unit on base is allowed ? can i put there also dead body or jumping tyranid etc ? just want to make sure

  2. Only one full model is allowed. Bits of other models are allowed but not another full model.

  3. Hmm, would a Blood Raven deathwatch member be disqualified (I mean painted in black deathwatch armour)

  4. hm... can i fit a land raider on a 40mm base... i probably could...

    No just kidding I've already started, and almost finished but i need to buy some more shades of red and paint the blood ravens, emblem thing. (I made it with a broken marine so he is also sporting a rather serious wound :P )

  5. natsirtm,

    The model simply has to be a Blood Raven ^_-, where you take it from there is up to you!

  6. One more, do i have to send You WIP picture ? or pic of finished model is enough ?

  7. WIP photos are to be sent along with your final entry.

  8. How many pictures can i sent to You ? 5 ? 10 ? 20 ? including WIP

  9. Akozz, Just one photo will do! But feel free to send as many as you would like!

  10. Ach! Only a week left any *now* I find out about this! I should read more!

    Okay... one week... I can do this...