Friday Quick Tip: Colored Pencil Hard Lining

Some of you might remember a little tip I did a while ago for pencil weathering. Well soon after, LBursley came out with this little gem, going even further into a painting alternative. It's brilliant if you ask me, and something just about anyone can do! Pencils are much more natural for everyone to use, and take a lot less time from what we see here. Check out the vid:

Now, the question everyone out there is going to ask: "Won't this just rub off when I handle the model?!" Short answer: Yes! Long Answer: No! You need to seal this stuff to the model in some fashion!

I would definitely recommend that you try this technique on a test piece and try various methods of varnishing to keep it all in place. My immediate reaction would be to use a spray varnish of some sort to keep from streaking the pencil lining with a brush. But if you don't like the spray finish, you can always just spray varnish first, and go back with your brush on!

The doors are pretty much wide open for these types of tips. If you've got an off the wall idea, or something you've used that you would like to share, let's hear it!


  1. What brand or sort of pencils are they using? I love the technique but the pencils i have laying around seem "waxy".

  2. Wow... this is seriously brilliant. I never would have thought of this, but it'll make my life so much easier. Now to the art store to figure out which pencils to get! It would be great to know a recommended brand or type. Maybe the video's youtube comments will have the answer.

  3. So I picked up a few different kinds of colored pencils from Michael's, the art/craft supply store. I got some "watercolor"-branded pencils, but unfortunately they didn't really work at all for this.

    However, I got a couple of white charcoal pencils and they worked great for this. Unfortunately they only come in black and white. If anyone knows of another brand or style I should try, please be as specific as possible.

  4. Interesting idea. Is that "The Purge" paint scheme you were doing on that Vindicator?

  5. Where did the video go? :(