New Addition

If you all haven't seen yet, there is a new addition to the team here on TPC, LBursley! His recruitment comes on the heels of some really great articles, tutorials, and tips as well as a really easy to follow blog over on DakkaDakka.com. His dedication to showing and helping people learn what he has has been a great inspiration to a lot of people around the Dakka community, even myself!

One of the biggest things he's bringing to the community is a penchant for using video to help give a better understanding for techniques. With his recent acquisition of some serious HD gear, he's started putting together some of the best looking videos I've seen on the web for modeling. And with that I give you the first, in what promises to be a fantastic line, of his HD modeling and painting videos.

Be sure you watch the video in full screen HD! You won't regret it! Take notice of the brush control and variety of techniques. While none of them are ground breaking or even all that advanced, the use of each is spot on.

So help me in welcoming LBursley to the TPC fold, and let him know what you think of the video!


  1. I love his videos, they always give me new ideas and are often a great help. Awesome addition to an already great blog I'd say!

  2. That's great! I love his work and his tutorials are topnotch.

  3. I'm with everyone else on this one, the video's have been great, I'm excited to see this blog expand.

  4. Great to see someone actually doing (rather than reading about doing). I did have to mute the video lest that music(?) drive me insane. Maybe just an occasional,"...and now I ink" comment in place of that GODAWFUL noise.

  5. LoL the music is generated by Sony Cinescore. I had to use it because youtube kept nuking my audio when I played Slayer or anyone for that matter.