Friday Quick Tip: Drop Pod

After getting through half of this mountain of Drop Pods (I've now built eight of the new models), I've settled on an assembly technique I'd like to share.

I always tend to play with my models before I get around to painting them and doing this for Drop Pods either led to models that fall apart (as you can see in the pic above) or were impossible to paint later.

The key for easy use while painting and priming is to assemble them into three pieces: the "wings" with center weapons tunnel, the base with doors and the center harness console.

This assembly technique gives you enough space to do a good job painting and priming, but still lets you play without them falling apart.

Assemble the wings by push-fitting them into the base, but only gluing at the top. The harness inserts into the wings and then the two pieces push into the base. (If you are worried about sturdiness, hit the base-wings joint with a drop or two of white glue the night before you play.) Or even skip the harness until they are fully painted.

Happy Friday and happy podding!


  1. Nice tip, thanks!

    And assembling 8 drop pods in one go takes a lot of courage ;)

  2. Very nice and to the point. Will definitely help me out when I get around to putting the Grey Death Chapter in Pods (WAYYY down the road!!)

  3. I dont envy you painting all those pods. Even doing 1 gave me nightmares for days after :(

  4. Wow. Thanks for that tip. I wouldn't have done that way. I have 3 more to build i'll definately be doing this going forward.

  5. I do almost the same thing when I assemble mine. I've found if you want to have them painted table top fast, I prefer to leave the doors off the base and prime them with the color I want (in my case Ultra Marines).