On The Table: Runic Miniature

After seeing a friend paint up his version of this model, I've decided to give it some time tonight with a spark of inspiration.  I picked this model up as part of a prize from a day of gaming with some friends.  It's a new release from Runic Miniatures that really provides me with a great break from the norm in it's style and subject matter.

The base is a sample piece from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  There was only a little flash along the edges but will take a little more filing work to get it a little smoother along the rim.  Overall though very nice base with great detail on top.

The skulls are another Jakob creation but aren't available for purchase unfortunately!  The bird bit is from a random sign post I have had for many years floating around in my bits box.  Goes to show you never know what will come in handy if you hang onto it!

Haven't picked out a color scheme just yet.  If you've got suggestions for colors leave a comment!  Happy Halloween!