Space Wolves Rhino

It's been a long, long time since I've had a chance to sit down and paint something for my armies.  Things have been extremely busy for the last nine months and have started to finally calm down for a few weeks.  It won't last of course, but it's nice to finish a new model when I can!

The Rhino I've had on hand since I started my Space Wolves force a while back now.  I just never got around to it unfortunately.  Now with some maneuverability my Wolves might stand a chance on the battlefield!

I added some green stuff pelts to the rhino along with a few minor wolf details from the old sprue set.

Primed grey, I used my airbrush to give it a coat of Shadow Grey.  I added a light modulated highlight to the upper half using my airbrush and a 25/75 mix of Shadow Grey/Space Wolves Grey.  If you're not airbrushing tanks yet, you're really missing out on some very subtle but great effects!  The tone change might not show up that well in the photo, but in person it is just enough to add some interest to otherwise flat panels.

Armor lines and joins were then given a line wash of Devlan Mud.  After that was dry the model was given line highlights of Space Wolves Grey on upward and forward facing edges.  Not all edges need to be highlighted, just important ones to help with depth and shape.

The details were all picked out in Chaos Black and followed the standard for my Wolves from prior posts.

The decals were added after everything was painted and finally the model was given a coat of Matt Varnish to help it hold up to game use!

Simple and clean, the model fits in nicely with the rest of the army.  It's also made me very keen to add more vehicles to the army as this paint took just around a single day to complete!   

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