Reinforcements: Sons of Medusa Terminator

To give myself a chance to map out how I would approach my Sons of Medusa Terminator squads, I decided that I would paint a single model to completion and draw from him while I worked on the rest of the unit.  The main focus for this model was how well the armor could look without using the PS-8 Tamiya spray I had used on the previous infantry models.  Mapping out of the major areas of the models was the secondary objective with shield approach being a constant tertiary in the back of my mind.

Overall I find the model really holds together well without the spray, and the majority of the scheme could be pulled from various models within the rest of the force.  For the armor, the basic tactical marine scheme was used.  For the hammer, I went with a more broken up metallic like I had used with my Master of the Forge.  The shield was a touch easier to work out as I went with a design from this transfer sheet and just played around a little with the metallic.

You might notice the shield has a smoother highlighting style than the regular flat edge highlighted black I've used in the past on these guys.  I felt it was far more necessary on this model, and will likely be a feature on other terminator models, as they are a much bigger focal point and those rounded shields are all too nice to leave flat black!

I've also started working on adding some fun cog detailing on the left leg guard.  It was a simple and quick detail that really helps with the balance of the model.  I hope to use this on other models as I move forward and will be looking through Iron Hands iconography as well to come up with cool details that will help tie the army to their fluff past.

The armor is really a big coup in painting this army a lot more efficiently.  Where I spent multiple hours just painting the armor, I now can spend almost half that time working on it by airbrushing the Scorpion Green and washing it selectively, then touching up by brush.  With the time saved, I suspect the rest of the terminators will come along nice and quick, save for a few crazy freehand opportunities on those shields!

I can't wait to get to work on the rest of the squad, and with so many Badab armies coming online, it seems like the perfect time to bolster the loyalist forces to help crush the rebels.  There will be no mercy.