On The Table: Son of Medusa Terminators

Batch painting my Sons of Medusa Terminators has been a great way to keep from having too much slow down while I paint up the squad, but at the same time it does take a long time to start seeing the finished product.  There are some long steps in this color scheme, lining that battle damage isn't as easy as it is to dab it on with the sponge!

The metallic paints are nearly finished with only a little touch up to the shading on the hammer heads to go.  They followed the same techniques I've used in the past with a Chainmail base, washed, and highlighted.

The white areas are all greyed out, with two in Codex Grey and two in Fortress Grey so far.  I'll likely move on to drybrushing the bases and then start work on the individual shield faces that are still all blacked out at the moment waiting for personalized details for each!

A lot to do still, but I thought I would share in the process!  All told, I'm saving a lot of time with the squad compared to the old way of painting them and I'm looking forward to sharing it in a step by step in the future!  Now, if my Badab War campaign book would only show up...