Open Discussion: New Grey Knights

Games-Workshop has a way of polarizing their fans with new releases for the most part.  The new Grey Knights as seen here don't seem to disappoint as a lot of people have mixed feelings about the latest set.  Past the 'thumbs up/thumbs down', there seem to be a lot of folks looking to use them for various projects with some of the bits within the boxed sets being quite cool.

Now that the shock of the new releases is starting to settle, I wonder what peoples thoughts are on the latest Grey Knight models.  How do they stack up to the old metals in your eyes?  Any Grey Knight players (current or new) out there gearing up for a bunch of new units?  How about you conversion types looking at new bits fodder, I'm really interested in hearing what you guys plan to do with some of those fun new pieces.  Is the latest rendition of the army a Go/No-Go in your eyes?

You've got opinions, so lets hear it.  And if you've got a great idea for an Open Discussion topic shoot us an email at ThePaintingCorps@gmail.com, leave us a message on our Facebook fan page, or tweet us @PaintingCorps on Twitter!