From the Corps: Spray Nozzles

After some really great primer tips, we got this little beauty in our inbox. And after some mulling over, it's sparked a new segment here on TPC. This tip comes from Mr. Awesome, a newer reader with a great tip for all the corpsmen (and corpswomen!) out there.

He writes:

To The Painting Corps,

First off, great articles, I found your website today and I am loving it!

I do want to offer some tips on primers if I can...and its going to be a possible weird one.

But first, a bit of history about me...I am 27, and I used to do a lot of graffiti when I was younger, still do stencils and commission/fun stuff from time to time...but what I learned about paint/primers is its not just the paint mixture that's important. No that is hardly the case, its the pressure as well as the tip.

Yes the tips/nozzles/caps whatever you want to call it. That also helps regulate the flow of the paint/primer. One can take a high pressure primer, and slap a low pressure "fat cap" on it, and it will have a wide soft spray that even if you hold the cap down wont group together or run. OR you can do a really fine angled/directional high pressure cap on there and turn it into a monster of a can. For most model making I would recommend a low pro cap...Check out this site.

If you do want to try these caps out I recommend ordering this set , for all the different can types.

I hope this is of any help if you have any questions please feel free to write back to me.

Mr. Awesome.

After picking up a new can of GW spray, I noticed the change to the new fat caps with a lower pressure spray. So far, I'm really digging it, and I think it's about time I throw a few bucks into picking up a set of them for all of my cans and really see the difference. When I get around to it, expect to see an in depth review of the results.

A huge thanks to Mr. Awesome for this tip, and if you have a great tip you'd like to see us share with the community, submit it to ThePaintingCorps@gmail.com and we'll pick the best to share with your fellow Corpsmen.


  1. I too enjoy the new caps on the GW primers. They seem to coat much better and not clog as often.


    Thanks for the insights, Mr. Awesome.

  3. Yeah the new cap is cool and all but does anyone else seem to think that they put less primer in the cans themselves? i could swear i could get more of an army primed up with the old cans then the new ones with the new caps, or is it just me?