Friday Quick Tip: Intro to Airbrushing

Today's Friday Quick Tip is on a topic that has been popular around The Painting Corps lately: airbrushing.

Here LBrusley of AwesomePaintJob.com gives us a quick overview of his airbrush materials, techniques and a few other hobby tidbits.

Get out there this weekend and start airbrushing!


  1. Do you mind giving us the brand name or what to google for with regards to the flash removing tool?

  2. Try "machinist triangular scraper".

  3. Excellent video Les!

    A really good, quick run through of all the salient points to do with airbrushing.

  4. I'm personally very interested in that scraper!

    Airbrush stuff is pretty spot on. More airbrush stuff to come from TPC as we all get knee deep into it.

    For the record I blame Mr. Fontaine for our affinity with the airbrush.

  5. What's the brand of air brush that was in the video?

  6. It's a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity. Very Very Very nice airbrush.

  7. Harder & Steenbeck ABs offer tremendous value for their price. The Evolution and the Infinity lines are very affordable to customise & service. Seriously great value.

    I now prefer my H&S Evolution to my Olympos HP 100-b. One day I'll probably pick-up an Infinity, but after trying some other brands, the Evolution really feels like the right tool.

  8. Great video. I was looking into airbrushing and this video helped me narrow down some ideas for the brush itself. The questions I have is do you prefer a tank-less compressor or one with a tank? Also what are some good brands to look at along with power and stability of air flow?

    Any help in this area would be appreciated. Great site and topics. Thanks again for any input.

  9. Don't forget to look into Co2 as an alternative to compressors. A 20lb tank will last close to a year on a fill. A Co2 rig makes no noise, so it's perfect for the building where I live. I get total control over pressure with a secondary regulator and never have to worry about moisture or any contaminants of any kind.

  10. Peabody, Thanks for the heads up on the alternate air option with the CO2 tank. What's the cost on that set up though?

    Coryphaeus, I think we might end up running an Ask the Corps on compressor set ups in the future to get a bit more feedback from everyone out there on that issue specifically. Doing so on Airbrushes would be useful too I think.

    This topic has a lot of stuff coming down the pipes more and more, expect to see us try and keep up with as much info as we can so more and more wargamers begin using this fantastic tool.

  11. The cost of Co2 is very attractive in the short term. All you need is a high-pressure regulator and the low pressure regulator that gives you fine control. Some threaded brass pipe, of suitable size to put them together & you are good to go.
    I spent less than $100.00CDN after shopping around. Typically you can find most of what you need through welding, engineering or home-brew shops. If you explain what you are up to, someone at one of the shops you visit will likely lend you a hand.
    Of course, after a few years the total cost of refills will exceed the one-time cost of a high-end compressor, so in the very long run Co2 will cost you more. In theory.

  12. A link from the YouTube feed reveals the scraper purchase site:


    It is a horrible URL with a comma, so you might have to cut and paste it.