Friday Quick Tip: New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year, Corps! It has been a great year of tips, projects and growth over the past year and it wouldn't have been possible without all of the support and inspiration from our readers. Thank you all!

But now we are embarking on a new year (and a new decade) and I'm sure we all have plenty of hobby resolutions for 2010. I did pretty well last year with my resolutions: I got two of my three armies painted for tournament play and one of those will carry over to this year. But a few times I lost track and squandered my painting time. So what's the best way to make progress and knock out all of your painting projects? Get motivated. And if you can't self motivate, what's the next best way? That's right, public peer pressure!

With that in mind, submit your New Year's Hobby Resolutions below in the comments section. Then each weekend we'll gather together pictures anyone participating and post an update each Tuesday. Now this isn't a picture of just the model or project you are working on, but a picture of your whole working space. I'd like to see progress, but also get as many hints and tips that are hiding in peoples' workspaces.

For example, check out these paint stations from the GW Studio:

Not only can you see what people are working on, but you can see hints, tricks and personalities. Some are messy and disorganized, some and clean and neat but all of them have little hidden tips. You can see the Game Developers store their brushes point down (top pic, in the upper right). Bad game developers! They also store some of their paints upside down so you can quickly find the right color in the big pile of paint pots. (Good idea!)

I also see Joe Tomazewski uses the same palette I do and that Christian Byrne paints the tops of the Foundation Paints with the enclosed color (since you can't set those upside down). Also, undercoating an Ork Trukk silver-- what a great idea! Spray it silver, throw on some latex mask and then spray and paint it the color of your choice and you only have to peel away the latex mask to get a great chipped metal effect!

Resolution time! What's on your to do list for the coming year? If you'd like to participate in the weekly update, send your goals and picture of workspace via email to thepaintingcorps@gmail.com or leave them and some links in the comments. We'll update the progress each week and see who will be naughty for 2010 and who will be nice.


  1. I used to store my paints upside down.

    Sadly that meant when I opened them I got splashed as the paint ran out of the lid or wasted half the paint sliming it's way back to the pot.

    If only the sold the stickers they released in the mega set seperately!

  2. This year is all about getting my feet deep back into modeling and painting. I'll be working hard to learn the tricks of the trade for my new favorite tool, the Airbrush as well, so expect a lot of that type work from me, to include tips!

    I'm not certain what my 'big' project will be exactly this year. I'm going to be entering the Golden Demon for the first time at Games Day North America, so I suspect a lot of my work will go towards that end. Working on army sized projects don't exactly lend themselves to working on skill sets.

    So my Resolution:

    Model and Paint a Golden Demon quality piece and enter it into the competition.

    Learn to use an airbrush to help paint 28mm models.

  3. My resolution is actually exactly the same as yours Grey_Death!

    Entering my first GD and learning to use my airbrush!

  4. Luckily I plan on taking an Airbrush Seminar at Adepticon. Can't wait!

    Followed soon by the Friday Quick Tip: "RealGenius puts gesso/primer/textured paint into his airbrush and wonders why it doesn't work."

  5. I will be also working on airbrush technique and trying to get people thinking "outside the box" when it comes to paints and tools. Trying think about painting minis using an airbrush and only using traditional brush when needed. Should be interesting! No GD for me as I'm not making a trip to see "if I can place". But I'll be working on my Valkyrie ACE series secretly. Basically show brids for Veteran Pilots. I plan high quality finishes using fine finishing sanding and polishing compounds.

  6. I plan to Finish painting my 1.5K point 40k army (Chaos Space Marines) and putting together my Warhammer fantasy army. Then completing a new 40k army (possibably eldar) and Fantasy army (possibably beastmen). For more skil related goals I want to master some of the harder brush skills (freehand, blending, feathering)