Field Report: CNC Miniature Scenery

Warpstone Flux has posted a two part quick review of CNC Miniature Scenery's Imperial Ruins. I've seen this company's scenery before and it really looks like a great product. Good to see someones first impressions with photos of the product just out of the box as well. Links as follows: Part 1 Part 2.

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  1. I dig 'em... but only wish there was an affordable solution to picking them up in the U.S.

    Do you know of any distributors perchance?

  2. Thanks for the plug Grey_Death! :)
    I'll be updating this series with texturing and painting posts at a later date. Cheers!

  3. WH39999, I haven't seen them around the web on any US/Can sites that I've frequented. Then again, I haven't looked very hard. If you happen upon them though, be sure to get back to us on that!

    Jab, Keep up the good work and you can expect to see more links in the future! I love seeing products in the hands of real people, not just the images from the company site.