Field Report: Son Tay Prison

Wargames Illustrated has put up a great article on building Southeast Asian buildings for your Vietnam Era FoW games, head over and download the PDF's and see their results here.

Have you posted an article to your own site recently? Read something amazing you think others should check out? Have an old link in your Bookmarks that you've been saving for a rainy day? We want to see em! Send your suggestions to ThePaintingCorps@gmail.com and we'll get the word out!


  1. Sorry for the blatant plug but...

    ...just an FYI for all of you who enjoy the Son Tay article online, Part One can be found in Wargames Illustrated #267 - only US$8 from your FLGS. If they don't stock it, ask them to call Battlefront Miniatures and order a couple.

    Dave Taylor
    U.S. Editor
    Wargames Illustrated

  2. Dave, I didn't know you were an editor at Wargames Illustrated - your plug worked, 'cause I'm going to check out the magazine. Your days in WD with John S. were by far my favorites.

    So as not to hijack this thread completely, here's my best contribution to the subject.


    Being a painting blog, you've probably covered it, but I've had good feedback from folks who've started using it... not that you'd know from the comments, but oh well.

    Keep up the good work guys - Brent

  3. Dave, it's not a problem at all! Honestly, I should have given the magazine a quick promo, while I only own a single issue, it's a great pub with a lot of good stuff. Folks should definitely check it out.

    Brent, I haven't seen it done with a paint stick, but I've seen similar ideas around the net. It's a great little tip for all the bulk painters out there!