Reinforcements: Eldar Farseer

Another commission model!  A good work up to the trio of jetbikes I have on my plate for the next round of paint and a nice break from all of the Space Marines I usually end up painting!

This model started off a lot differently than it ended up.  I had planned to work the whites using a sepia wash and work up, but for some reason the warm colors just didn't fit the model, and the other warm tones on top of the white weren't working for me either.  So I scrapped the idea and moved back to a lot of the same paint colors I used on a Harlequin model for the same friend.

The robes and white armor are done using The Fang blue base, worked up to Fenrisian Grey and finally a touch of VMC Off-White.  I did a little color wash/glazing in the recesses when it needed some more depth.

Black areas were highlighted with The Fang and given a secondary highlight of Fenrisian Grey.

The metallics were all done by base coating the area in Necron Compound Silver and washing heavily with Devlan Mud so that it hung heavy in some spots and lighter in others.  Once dry, I went back in with Silver and touched up some edges and upward facing areas.  The blade faces were washed a little with Badab Black using some care to offset where the black pooled on the blade sides.

Gems were done using a black base, VMC Purple toward the lower edges, highlighted with 50/50 Purple/Off-White, a second level of highlights with 25/75 Purple/Off-White and a final dot highlight of white in the upper corner.

Pouches were painted Black and highlighted with Bestial Brown and given a final highlight of Snakebite Leather.  Both were done in a line highlight fashion along predominate edges.

The base was done with a base coat of Bestial Brown, drybrushed with Bleached Bone and then washed heavily with Devlan Mud.  Static Grass was added after sealing the model.