Reinforcements: Farseer and Warlock Jetbikes

After a lot of work and probably one too many breaks, I've finally finished this set of conversions!  I've learned a lot along the way for conversion work.  This is also probably the most converting I've done in a while/ever.

The conversion side of things was pretty straight forward, with the torsos from the Plastic Farseer kit being greenstuffed to the legs of the jetbike riders.  After that dried I used greenstuff to sculpt the flowing robes in a split duster fashion around the rear of the jetbikes.  On the farseer I used some leftover greenstuff to sculpt a big gem on the jetbike.

For the paint I used VMC German Grey as a base, washed heavily with Badab Black and then highlighted back up to German Grey.  I then used GW The Fang for a starter line highlight and then gave it a final line highlight of Fenrisian Grey.  The freehand on the Farseer was done with Fenrisian Grey.

The metals were painted by basecoating the areas in Necron Compound, washing them with Devlan Mud, then highlighting with another selective layer of Necron Compound.  I then washed the metals again with Devlan Mud.  The blade was then given a few small washes of black to strengthen the offset of the highlighting.

Gems were done in the standard method and given a layer of VMC Gloss Medium.

Glad to have them done at long last, but these guys and the two other commissioned models really have helped me get back in the swing of things with wargaming.  I'll hopefully be able to keep up the momentum and getting new models up more often!