Reinforcements: Logan Grimnar

Continuing to get myself back into the hobby, I've been working on some commission jobs for a few friends.  To start things off I got cracking on a Logan Grimnar.  This is my first chance at this model, and I have to say I'm a little glad I've never worked that much with Finecast.  It's just a terrible medium with tons of pits and unfilled detail.  Though once I got through that bit with a little greenstuff fix up, filing and filling, I was able to really dig in with the paint.

Overall the model follows my standard Space Wolves paint scheme.  The only real difference being the black shoulder pad which used a little VMC German Grey washed with Badab Black and highlighted with a little Fortress Grey.  The wolf and star are freehand, unfortunately no white wolf decals on the Space Wolf decal sheets!

The snow was done using my standard snow method.

Overall, I'm really happy with how he came out.  Just looking forward to seeing finecast phased out at long last.

Stay tuned for more work soon!  I've got a table full of Eldar still on hand to finish up!