Dakka Painting Challenge: Nitty Gritty Armor

A new Challenge has arrived at DakkaDakka.com. This one is for all you tread heads and vehicle hounds.

From the Announcement:

The worse the weather, the more you are required to be out in it.

Off the assembly line she rolls, onto the train headed for combat. Six months in and the hatch barely opens any more and the view port has been bashed out by some local kids with rocks! The idler wheel is about to fall off and the skirt armor has holes the size of fists from all of the blasts it's taken! And the dust!! Oh the dust!

This is just one of a million stories you can create as you move forward with this challenge! The idea is simple, paint a Tank/Skimmer/Walker/APC and make it feel/look real and used! It's time to use all of those techniques you've been wanted to use for all these years but never quite had the right project to try them out on! Water Streaks, Oil Marks, blast damage, paint chipping, rust, mud, dirt, dust, jet exhaust, scorch marks! The amount of weathering is up to you!

The Deadline is November 8th! For more details check out the thread on DakkaDakka.

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  1. Gah, just as I sold off all my Ultra Smurfs ;__;

    I have a Leman Russ handy and I want that $50 from APJ! >:)