Friday Quick Tip: Weathering Washes

It's still Friday on the West Coast!!! And, I have a good one from our good buddy Les on making your own quick weathering washes. Check it out:


  1. Awesome! I've never been able to really get rust and patina down with washes before and this will certainly help!

  2. Wow, that patina wash is really impressive.

    Guess I have to start experimenting with flow improver and alcohol myself (no, I don't mean I want to drink it! ;) )!

    About a year ago I came up with this stupid paint scheme for my tyranids (black body with a light blue in the recesses) and now I'm stuck with the very time consuming step of getting thinned down blue into all those joints, holes and fleshy parts of the models. Using only water to dilute the paint just doesn't work very good, because the paint tends to stick to any part of the model because of surface tension. The annoying part of all this (and the only one that takes a lot of time) is cleaning up the mess on the black body after the washing.

    I hope I will get better results thanks to this tip!

  3. Wait till you see the new weathering kit that is coming out from Iwata Airbrushes. It is designed with the armor modeller in mind. I got a sneak preview of the set & it is awesome.

  4. *lol*

    I had my 14 months old son in my lap while watching this, and suddenly he starts making choo-choo noises. Kudos to the modeler for making a truly steam punk model. =)