On The Table: Leman Russ

In a spark random inspiration I decided to remodel a Leman Russ that I've had sitting around in my cases for far too many years.  It was in rough condition and had a few parts missing, but I though that with a little work and some real primer, it could work out nicely.  With a dremel, a bunch of plasticard, and a lot of green stuff I got to work on creating a historically inspired, lived in tank.

A lot of tread heads will instantly recognize the directions I've gone with and some of the inspirations I've drawn from.  From WW2 to modern tanks, there are a lot of little things all over this bad boy that tells the story that so many wargamers leave out of their models.  These lived in touches create narrative, realism, and just make it more interesting to look at!

I'm not certain when this will catch paint just yet, classes have started back up for me and I'm really not sure how much free time I'll have in the coming weeks.  But with some luck, I'll hopefully get things going on at least a few of the lingering projects on my table.

I hope everyone is doing well out there in hobby land, and if you've got a cool project you're working on, feel free to share it here!  Especially if it's a neat new piece of armor!  Happy Painting!