Field Report: Cleaning and Repairing Old Models

Mananarepublic of BrushThralls.com has a great write up on how to clean and repair old models. Times are tight! Get out there, search the bargain bins and online sales to get the most bang for your modeling buck.

If anyone has tried the referenced Orange TKO, let me know what you thought and where you got it. I definitely am interested in something a little stronger (but not deadly) to use on metal miniatures.

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  1. I have stripped a lot of miniatures. There are two things that a very good at it. One is Methylated Spirits (which in NZ is just ethanol), and the other is Heavy Duty Degreaser.

    I buy my Degreaser from a bulk cleaning supplies outfit, but any serious degreaser will do. An example is Castrol Super Clean. The two products used in the post you reference are just organic degreasers.

    There isn't a magic bullet with stripping miniatures so just buy what is the best value for money in your neck of the woods.

    The other tool that is very useful is an ultrasonic cleaner, as there are some places that a toobrush just can't reach.

    Finally the best thing in stripping miniatures is time. Don't be afraid to leave the miniatures in the degreaser for weeks, or to give them a bit of a scrub and add them back.

  2. Good advice all around. It's one of the most asked questions I've seen around the web, and it's not going away any time soon.

    The more we can find on this topic around the web and in house on TPC the better!

  3. Simple Green (non-toxic) seems to do a pretty good job.

    From FTW:

    "When trying to strip painted models, Concentrated Simple Green is by far the best stuff I have found that works. You can keep your models in it forever and it won't damage plastic, resin, or metal models. When you go to clean them, just run the models under warm water and use an old toothbrush to peel the paint right off. Dip them back into the Simple Green as many times as needed to get all the paint off. Let them dry and after your [sic] ready to Prime once more."


  4. This is great, my old Bloodthirster fell apart last wekk, so I might as well strip the paint and make him again

  5. I have been using Cilit bang, which is readily available in any UK supermarket and works really well on metal miniatures. Not tried it on plastic though.

    Only other tools needed; An old tooth brush and a pin!



  6. Concentrated Simple Green is another organic degreaser. I've used it before and yes it is good.

  7. I've used Simple Green tons of times and it does a great job on plastics. But sometimes It doesn't do as good a job on the metallics.

    Has anyone tried the Orange TKO?