Field Report: Photography Thoughts

Awakening Ynnead has some great thoughts on photographing your minis. And who couldn't use a little bit more knowledge on that front? Check it out here.

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  1. I would also add one extra idea - try to avoid glossy backgrounds. Reflected light can look bad and sometimes can even ruin your photos. Avoiding reflections is much easier with matt backgrouds.

    As for light - my own preference is natural light. Preferably dispersed by clouds. Just lovely. You can check the photos I took in Chest of Colors gallery (many of them are mine) and whatever I do with artificial light, it takes much work to achieve as good results as with natural light.

    Somehow I seem to be lucky to have some windows facing North and natural light works like charm for me. Of course it also requires long exposure but I am using tripod anyway...


  2. Having nearly zero access to natural light that is useful for photographs myself, I need all the additional help I can muster in terms of artificial lighting!