Field Report: Ze Germans!

A friend pointed me in the direction of this fantastic Vallejo color guide for all you WW2 gamers out there. I'll be using this in future projects, even if they aren't WW2 ones! Check it out here.


  1. I think it is called the Fires of War.
    They actually have Vallejo multi-pack with the proper colors already picked out.
    I saw a German uniform pack,German Armor,British Armor.
    There are more but that was the 3 left at my FLGS

  2. Yeah, Flames of War has put together nice packs for people to use, but unfortunately they're not very comprehensive and will leave some wondering what to use for alternate uniform colors etc.

    But they are definitely a great start point. In fact I've purchased one such pack of US Colors. I also used the set as a guide for my Orks. Pattun's Boys look quite dapper because of it!

  3. With a name like that they better be Looted Russ heavy :)