Field Report: Fast Reds

Since the release of Mechrite Red, painting red has become less of a chore. Simon from Stuck Between Stations has posted a slightly different take on painting it quickly. He used Thraka Green. I promise I'm not messing with you! Check it out!

Got a great link you'd like to see put up? Send it to us at ThePaintingCorps@gmail.com. Just be sure it has something a bit more useful than a pretty picture! It's all about learning folks!


  1. Yeah I've seen several miniatures painted by people with formal art training where they base coat with the contrasting colour to the one they want.

    So for example they will base coat something green and then over paint it read, with the result that the red looks very bright.

    The physics of it - if I remember rightly - is that the light reflects both colours to your eyes and because of the contrast between the two different colours the top colour appears much bright.

  2. I'm currently undergoing formal training myself. I suspect we'll see some more things along those lines.

    Should be interesting to see the change in my own personal miniature painting style as we go forward.

  3. Thanks for the link - glad you liked the tutorial.