Friday Quick Tip: Wet Blending Oils and Acryllics

Les shows a great bit of info on wet blending with oils and acrylics. I'm a huge fan of oil paints, just haven't had the right projects to work with them much! Might just need to find spots to use them more! Watch and Learn!

Used any differing techniques lately? Have input on the video? Know a better way to do things? Let's hear it!


  1. A little heads up, be sure you're using a separate set of brushes for your oils too, I really wouldn't recommend using the same brush between the two. Also, depending on the oils, you'll need some sort of turpentine/thinner to clean your brushes and thin effectively.

    Expect more on oils as we all move forward a bit in this area!

  2. So... Water mixable oils, can you still do discolourations & filters using turpentine or other solvents with these paints?

  3. Yes you can use all oil mediums in the water mixable oils. The main benefit of the water oils is the drying time and easy clean up. Adding oil mediums starts turning the water oil into a traditional oil so the drying time suffers and you can no longer clean up with just water.

    This stuff thins well with water for filtering and hue manipulation but using turpentine instead of water would be best. Wetting the surface with turpentine then applying the mix will help disperse the color.