Army Surplus: Lysander

LBursley has recently put his latest character up for sale for those interested!  Check out AwesomePaintjob's Online Store/Painted Models section for more on how to snag him.

From Les on painting Lysander:

The model was painted with all Vallejo Paints.  Airbrushed primer, basecoat, shading, and highlighting.  The base is from the APJ 40mm Concrete Massacre line and has flocking from Scenic Express and GF9.  Pigments were also used on the base to simulate pulverized concrete using APJ Cinder Block Grey pigment.  The black was done differently from what I usually do and was highlighted with a single coat of Scorched Brown.  This made the metal area look almost like an ancient iron cast.  Source lighting coming from the left side of his face from green LED's in the suit.  This model was made to play with so it has 3 coats of matte varnish.

Be sure to check out the other products Les has over on AwesomePaintjob.com as well!  We should see some new videos from him soon as well, stay tuned!

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