Reinforcements: Angels Sanguine Terminator

When I originally ordered my Space Hulk set, I had no idea when or how I'd go about getting the models painted.  After receiving the box though, I quickly thought of one of my favorite color schemes, The Angels Sanguine.  My decision was made.  Now, where to find some time...Classes have kept me quite busy, and I'd been using what little free time I did have on a few other projects.  Since classes are now officially finished for the semester though, I've been able to finish my first Angel of Death.

I used zenith styled highlights, both with my airbrush and bristles.  The breakdown of this can be found here for those interested.

The black was painted without using a true black base color.  Instead I went with VMC German Grey as the base, highlighted with Codex Grey by glazing the color on subtly according to the facing, the higher and more in line with the 'light source' the more highlighting was applied.  This was then washed down and shaded using Badab Black.

Once base colors were finished, metals were applied with Chainmail and washed with Gryphonne Sepia or Badab Black according to what finish I wanted.  See this set of articles for a bit more on how I go about metals.

After the metals, it was time for the gems.  I used VMC Purple VMC Black and VMC White to create a spectrum of color on my wet palette (Buy: Masterson Sta-Wet Palette Seal), this was applied in the usual fashion for gems with consideration for the light source.  I'll need to get a tip together for this some day, but there are so many out there already!

The purity seals parchment was painted with VMC Ivory to a solid finish.  The text was done using Bestial Brown and then the entire thing was then washed down with Gryphonne Sepia.  The wax was painted with VMC Flat Red and highlighted with a light mix of Flat Red and White, this was glazed slightly to tone the highlight back down with Flat Red.

The base was added by chopping up a bunch of plasticard and lining an outline of the models attached base on a 40mm round base, then trimming the excess.  The model is secured by putting a magnet in the base of he model and gluing one to the underside of the round base.  Expect an article in the near future on this one!

The base was painted Boltgun Metal, then using pigments from AwesomePaintjob.com, I added the rusting.  I mixed the pigments with VMC Matt Medium and applied it heavily all over.  I started with the deep brown pigment and then when dry I applied the orange rust color in the same way by stippling it on heavily.  Then going back in with a drybrush of Boltgun Metal, I hit the edges of the sections and gave them a worn away look.  To finish the base, I painted the rim Black.

I'm really looking forward to getting more of these guys finished.  I can't wait to have a fully painted set for Space Hulk, but it's quite a ways off!  I've already modeled the next of the set and hope to get started soon!  I might even find the time to take a few extra photos of the a few more steps along the way!  Stay tuned!  

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